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Information is the core element on which all business activities are based. Proper description, sharing and ability to analyze information has significant influence on functioning and efficiency of any enterprise.

Insperit Data Management

We are the Impel Group company which specializes in acquiring, entering and maintaining data about various distribution networks of infrastructure companies. We offer comprehensive processing of information about your organization's resources. Thanks to our team of qualified employees, experienced in large projects management and their creativity, we can offer you modern and proven solutions of high quality.

Our experience

        Our team is experienced in successful implementation of data network inventories of the largest telecommunications networks in the country. We were collecting data from technical documentation and on-site. Our experience covers also energy distribution networks. The network model reflected objects from the level of HV Switching Stations to LV lines with descriptive and geometric data. We also have experience in registry of gas network infrastructure for one of the leaders on the Polish market. As part of the project we have also digitally archived technical documentation.


        High flexibility allows us to adjust to individual requirements of our Clients. Other projects include archiving part of the technical documentation of the water supply and sewage system of Wrocław and on-site acquisition/registry of fixed assets using our own asset management software and mobile devices for Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

more than 80 000

kilometers of distribution networks

For comparison: the Earth's circumference is 40 075 kilometers,
and straight line distance between Wrocław and Rio de Janeiro is
10 108 kilometers.

around 100 000 000

attributes entered

For comparison: A man reading 200 words per minute for 8 hours a day for 5 days a week would need 4 years to read 100 million words.

Insperit Data Management offer


Document scanning and electronic repositories.

We perform electronic archiving based on processing paper documentation into a digital format (digitisation), that can form a part of the network data inventory process or can be subject to a separate implementation. We have been digitizing large batches of technical documentation, as a part of the network data inventory process and as separate implementations.
Insperit can offer mobile-friendly in-house developed documentation and data repository for electronic documents sharing and indexing, allowing for remote documentation preview. The Insperit Data Repository can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your organization. It allows you to design your own structure of objects and assign them any number of descriptive and technical attributes.  


Passportization and field data acquisition.

Insperit offers network assets inventory services for distribution companies. We have an extensive experience in organised logistics and projects requiring involvement of a large volume of human resources and equipment. Our own data entering software, when it is necessary to carry out a task, is tailored for the project on the basis of analysis of Client’s needs and Client’s instructions.
The process of transferring information on network resources into the digital environment is carried out in our Data Entering Centre. On the basis of copies of a Client’s technical documentation , we obtain descriptive attributes together with data on location of the entire technical infrastructure.


3D laser scanning.

Based on modern technology we offer 3D precise laser scanning services for industry and municipal sector. Typical outputs are:
- Oriented, geo-referenced point cloud
- 2D/ blue-print CAD documentation
- 3D models of objects and industrial facilities
- As-built 3D inventory with data base integration
- Clash detection
- Object displacement studies 


Temperature and humidity monitoring.

More than 50 % of the food and pharmaceutical products we use need to be kept at constant temperature. Insperit provides durable, wireless and affordable real-time temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for both the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products. It comes as a Plug & Play system with credit-card size NFC data loggers and radio frequency data loggers compliant with EN 12830, GDP and HACCP regulations. 


Insperit Data Management
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